How Asparagus Makes You Lose Weight?

Health is a number one priority on everyone’s list. Being healthy means having a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you have both, you can prevent medical condition from arising. One condition that brings about many health problems is the increasing population of obese and overweight people. One solution to such problems is to lose weight healthily. Experts suggest that when losing weight, you should opt to consume more vegetables. However, with the wide variety of vegetables available you might be confused which ones provide a huge impact on your goal of losing weight.  One vegetable that you should consume is asparagus, as this is strongly associated with weight loss.


Asparagus belongs to the lily family. It comes from the Greek word asparagos. In ancient times, asparagus was evident even before the Romans and Egyptians.  During that time, it was famous as both a medicine and a vegetable plant. It was a medicine due to the fact that it has diuretic properties.  Normally, during that time, the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks usually served the asparagus fresh, at times when asparagus was abundant, and dried it during the remaining season when asparagus was scarce.

Asparagus for Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, asparagus is the natural option for some people wanting to lose extra pounds. It can either be served as a side dish, salad, or perhaps a soup. The following are the reasons why asparagus is known to aid in the loss of weight:

  • Calorie Content

According to experts, asparagus has only four calories in every spear which is good in aiding you to lose weight. In addition to that, it is tasty when consumed.  Weight is lost when there is an outpacing of the amount of calories one eats in a day compared to the amount of calories burned.

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  • Carbohydrates

Asparagus also contain few carbohydrates, 5 grams per cup, which is why it is low carbohydrate food. It also has inulin which is good for the large intestine bacteria. Through the presence of inulin in your body, after eating asparagus, harmful bacteria will be eliminated from living in your body. According to research conducted previously, people who diet are recommended to consume more low carbohydrate foods than low fat, because it will have a greater impact on weight loss.

  • Protein

Asparagus is also protein rich.  Asparagus has 3 grams of protein per serving of one cup. According to studies, a diet rich in protein will lead to losing more weight and fat than consuming a low protein diet.

  • Dietary Fiber

This is the most important composition of asparagus, which is packed with fiber. Fiber is ideal when you are planning to lose weight. Through fiber, you are able to feel full and add a higher volume in the food that you are eating. This is a good thing because an increase in volume leads to a longer time span between meals and also discourages overeating.

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