7 Little Known Fitness Facts

Whether you are regular gym goer already or are thinking of getting fit, you may be interested to learn a few facts about fitness aside from the well-known benefits of a fitness regime! This post has been put together to entertain and educate gym bunnies and newbies alike, so take a read through and discover something new about keeping fit!

Your Muscles Could Lift 50,000 Pounds

If every muscle in your body was able to work in unison, you would be capable of lifting 50,000 lbs. That’s around 3571 Stone, which is the equivalent of roughly 8-10 rugby teams!

Your Body Learns

Our bodies are clever things, so the more you exercise on a regular basis, the more your body will learn to burn fat as opposed to storing it up.

Foot Pressure

If you are thinking of taking up running, you may be interested to learn that running puts anything from four to seven times your body weight in pressure on your feet. So a 9 stone woman could be feeling the pressure of 63 stone on her feet with every run!

Cross Training

If you tend to stick to one form of exercise, it may be worth taking up cross training as it has been proven that a diverse mix of exercise means you are less prone to exercise related injuries.

Fat Cannot Turn to Muscle

People often think that the process of toning up is the transformation of fat into muscle, but this is impossible. Fat is lost when you exercise and muscle is gained; they are two separate entities.

Your Muscle Fibre is Thinner than a Strand of Hair

In spite of how thin muscle fibres are, they are capable of supporting weight that is 1,000 times heavier than the fibre itself.

Moving Combats Stress

Movement is one of the biggest stress relievers as it produces a feeling of relaxation; so if the pressures of work are leaving you feeling frazzled, a lunchtime work or evening swim will increase your natural coping mechanisms and leave you much calmer in the face of stressful situations.

There are many important reasons to keep fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle packed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, so why not check out your local gym, attend a fitness class or simply go out for a jog and discover that fitness can be fun when you find the right form of exercise for you!

Sophie works alongside Simply Gym and has recently joined the gym so she can feel less guilty about a sweet treat every now and again!

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