7 Easy Steps to Get Back Into Shape

So you want to get back into shape but are not quite sure where to start? Well never fear the answer is here. There is a multitude of ways to get started when we want to get back in shape, from the simple to the expensive. Here are some simple ways to start getting yourself back into shape and having that sough after summer body.

1. Set yourself some goals and a workout schedule

The key to successfully completing any program in which we set is to maintain a routine. You need to set yourself some weekly goals and come up with a simple schedule to ensure that you stay motivated, on task and on schedule. Routine is the basis of human life and many of are creatures of habit, so make your exercise a habit and not a chore.

2. Start slow not fast

Starting like a bull at a gate is a sure-fire way to de-motivate yourself and leave your muscles sore and fatigued. If you are out of shape it will take time to tackle the harder physical hurdles you may have been able to do in the past. Start with shorter walks, progress to light runs, increase distances and mix up the workout routine. Variety is the spice of life after all, so why make working out boring? Don’t be unrealistic about your sessions and choose a routine that suits your current needs.

3. Fuel for the fire

Exercise is a great way to get into shape and to lose weight, but it needs to be coupled with a healthy diet. Ensure you eat regular meals, smaller portions but more regularly. Eating smaller portions more regularly will allow you to maintain energy levels that are conducive to maintaining and exercise routine. Choosing the right foods is an important aspect of your diet, so steer clear of junk, eat plenty of meats and vegetables, ensure there is plenty of fiber in your diet and chase the protein beast!

4. Get kitted out

I know it sounds rather superficial and materialistic, but the reality is that it helps. Make sure you buy some attractive workout clothes, clothes that are not just practical but look good on you. This will inspire confidence in your general appearance; inspire you to get out there and more often. Confidence is an important mental attribute to have when you are looking at getting in shape, and the right gear will make you feel tens times better about yourself.

5. Choose a good workout partner

Choosing the right workout partner is not as easy as it seems, it is not just as easy as finding someone that wants to get in shape to. It is important that you find someone of similar shape and physical fitness, this way you both are working at the same level. You need someone to help motivate you and conversely, someone who you can motivate. Find a self starter, a person dedicated to getting back in shape and one with realistic goals.

6. Find exercise you enjoy

Finding an activity that you enjoy is the best way to motivate yourself. There is nothing better than looking forward to your next exercise session because you enjoy the task you have set yourself. Some people like hiking through forest, running through the streets, boxing in the gym or kayaking in the ocean. Each individual person has differing tastes, so find something that you like that keeps you active.

7. Group exercise

Teams and group exercises can be a great way to start getting back into shape. Whether it is the local trail running group, a bush walking group or an aerobics session at your local gym. Group exercises can be a great way to turn your physical training session into a social scene as well. It is a great way to meet people, stay motivated and ease into the physical routine of it all.

Getting in shape is not an overly difficult task if you approach it with the same planning and care that you approach most things in life. Take the time to sit down and plan your path, set some goals and stay motivated.

Allan has been a regular contributor to blogs. Over the last 4 years, Allan has written numerous articles and reviewed many health related products such as Frank health insurance, fitness programs and weight loss products. When he is not writing, Allan enjoys running and spending time with his family.

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