Hcg Diet The 500 Calorie Diet

500 Calorie Hcg Diet Introduction

Doing the Hcg Diet means doing a 500 calorie diet. If you are new to hcg diet, then you should probablyt his calorie diet restrictions.

If your thinking about doing the hcg diet, you will have second thoughts about yourself and ask ” Can I do a 500 calorie diet” or ” Is that possible to do without getting hungry? because a 500 Calorie diet is like eating two burger patty for the whole day.

Hcg Diet seems impossible?

Yes, I know hcg diet may seems impossible but that is what hcg diet is all about. When you try hcg diet, what you will do is take an hcg diet drop orally 10-20 minutes before eating and that’s when the hcg diet magic happens, of-course their are hcg diet phase you should follow. The hcg helps your body to feel not hungry at all and you ask again, how did that happen?That is what hcg diet is all about. But let me explain it more.

HCG comes from a Human chorionic gonadotropin that comes from a pregnant woman that support them from hunger. During the pregnancy stage, if you got pregnant before you’ll probably agree that their is a certain stage were in you won’tt feel like eating or hungry at all. Hard to believe? Well , yes if you haven’t experience getting pregnant yet but no if you have experience it yourself.

That’s the HCG Diet concept of not feeling hungry at all and doing a 500 calorie diet may seems unsafe but the fact is it is perfectly quite safe to do.

Funny Facts That HCG Diet Is Safe.

beer diet vs hcg diet

Should I Do Beer Diet or HCG Diet?

The first would be a person I know who lives somewhere near us, he has this jug of beer estimated calories is 430 and guess what, he lose weight by doing a jug of beer diet, that’s what the guy calls it, but I am not telling anyone to do a beer diet. For me I would go with Hcg Diet because hcg diet is safe and effective.

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