5 Ways To Prevent You Gaining Weight After Quitting Smoking

Many cigarette smokers who decide to quit after the endless warnings experience a myriad of withdrawal symptoms. Some of them are associated with their cravings but some symptoms like gaining weight are simply body changes due to the change imposed on yourself. One gains weight because smoking makes one to lose weight in the first place.


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Why does smoking cause one to lose weight?

You lose weight when you smoke because you do not eat as much.

  • The nicotine changes the functioning of your taste buds. A smoker has less sensitive taste buds making them eat less. Sometime we do not eat food as much as we do because of hunger but because it tastes good. You eat more and even later on the good taste is stored in your memory making you want some more.  Without the functioning of the taste buds, you eat significantly less.
  • The nicotine acts as a hunger suppressant. Smokers do not get hungry as often. A good smoke and a meal in a day is sufficient.
  • Smoking increases your metabolism rate. Smoking makes your heart beat faster and stimulates your brain cells. A faster metabolism means food is consumed faster.

Although quitting smoking is associated with weight gain, there is the exception to the rule. That exception is you. You can beat the bodily changes by using your mind power to beat body cravings. You will maintain your weight or the increase will be negligible.

Beating the weight

  1. 1.       Consistent Exercise

If you do not have an exercise routine then this is the time to get one. You need to exercise to keep your body fit and adjust to the changing metabolism. Since you are not smoking any more, your metabolism will decrease causing you to add weight. Exercise helps you to burn off the calories. Smoking in one day burns around 200 calories. Base your exercise regime around this.


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  1. 2.       Keep busy

Most people gain weight they give in to the smoking craving or try to cover them up by keeping their mouth busy. They end up eating more than they ordinarily would and gain weight. Keep busy not by eating, but by engaging in various activities. Use the smoking time to do something else such as chores, volunteer at a centre, renovate your house, and start knitting. Anything you can to keep your hands and body busy away from thoughts of food and smoking.

  1. 3.       Drink water

Keep your body hydrated. Water enables your body systems to function properly and it will keep your stomach full. Anytime you get the cravings to smoke, take a bottle of water. It will deceive your mouth with the activity and your filled stomach will make you not desire food. Water is calorie free so take it as much as you can without the fear of gaining weight.


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  1. 4.       Healthy diet


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Of course you must eat. You cannot prevent yourself from eating so as not to add weight. Keep your diet to the healthy vegetables and fruits. Add minimal amounts of fats and proteins. The main thing is to keep it balanced. With the right nutrients and the will power, your body will be awesome in no time.

  1. 5.       Be systematic

The best way to quit smoking is to go cold turkey, but most people do not have the courage or the will power to do so. At times, you may get a relapse and the guilt is overwhelming. The best thing is to be systematic.

  • Get planning

Plan when you want to quit and set a date to it. After that, write down why you want to quit smoking. Make a big fuss on the day you decide to quit. You can even have a celebration; it is worth it. This gives you mental preparation

  • Use the e-cig

Use mechanisms to get your body used to the change. Some use nicotine patches but electronic cigarettes are the best. The addiction is due to the nicotine as well as the little smoking habits. The e-cig gives you small doses of nicotine and you maintain the habits.

When purchasing them, you get to request the amount of nicotine you want, so you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you take. You can do so until you get to the no nicotine level but enjoy having something in your mouth. Besides, they come with many flavors that will do wonders for your taste buds!

Chad is a nutritionist and health expert. He writes on the health of current issues such as smoking and many others. Chad also strongly advocates the use of the vapor cigarette for those who intend to quit smoking.

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