5 Exercises You Should Never Do

Do you normally avoid these danger zones?

Most of us normally think that all kinds of exercises are helpful and at least count for something. However, the reality is that not all those machines you see in the gym are safe. Some of them normally require a bit more than what an average person has. They would be even more disastrous to people with health, joint or muscle problems. Such machines will only
waste your time. The things that you should do or avoid when it comes to exercise depends on your fitness goals, workout schedule, history of health, and other personal attributes. You can talk to a medial expert and other consultants to help you identify your limitations before you know what to avoid during exercise.

Exercises are made risky when you try unnatural or unusual patterns of movement, pain causing endeavors or any other discomfortable exercises, movements inducing muscular imbalance,actions that demand for higher level of joint flexibility than you possess ad any kind f exercise that has higher potential injury risks than potential benefits. There are several moves
that you should think twice before trying

Lat pull-downs behind the head

The only people who can attempt to pull the bar behind their heads when handling lat pull-down exercise are those with highly flexible shoulder joints. They should also take the high precision level to avoid hitting the head backs with the exercise bar. Most of those who spend their days dong office work are very likely to have rounded shoulders and should not do such exercises.It’s safer to do the related exercises by pulling the bar in front of you which is less risky.

Leg presses and squats inducing deep knee bends

The major risk involved whenever doing deep knee bents emanate from the fact that it’s difficult to maintain proper alignment of the spine. This could eventually cause damage of spinal discs or lower back muscle strain

Seated leg extensions

Straining your knees excessively when doing quadriceps exercises could land you into big problems. Avoid such exercises especially if you feel excessive strain or knee problems. You can try just simple squats without added weight or specific sport-related plyometric exercises which are more secure.

Outer and inner maintenance exercise for thighs

The thigh muscles are small and straining them could aggravate problems with your lower back and hips. You can try standing adductions, lying adductions and Pilate exercises which are less risky

Upright rows

These exercises could easily cause shoulder impinging by compressing the shoulder area nerves. You can try bending forward to 90 degrees over the rows and increasing the width between the shoulders. Front lateral shoulder raises are also helpful.

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