4 Healthy Alternatives to Soda

These days it seems like anything you like is unhealthy for you. This is certainly the case for one of the most popular drinks today: soda. The health problems with soda are various: they damage and stain your teeth, erode your stomach lining, add unnecessary calories and often shoot you full of sugar and caffeine. But many people just can’t seem to kick the soda habit. As many behavioral scientists have noted, sometimes it’s easier to replace a habit than get rid of it entirely. By replacing soda with another, healthier alternative, you can make way to a healthier you.


Juice is an obvious healthy alternative to soda, especially sparkling juices such as sparkling apple juice. However, there are a few things that you should note when selecting a juice. For one, many things that are promoted as “juice” are really just juice flavored drinks. These are no better for you than soda. When selecting juice, you want to find things that are 100% pure juice. Juice also should be consumed sparingly. While juice is an important source of vitamins, it’s also calorie rich and has a lot of sugars.


Of course the most healthy alternative to soda is water, but many people can’t stand drinking something so flavorless. The good news is that there are now many water flavoring additives such as Crystal Light and Sweet Leaf. These additives come in either powder or liquid drops, and add a powerful flavor punch to pure water. This gives you something to taste without affecting the healthy composition of the water. Of course, if you feel like being traditional, flavoring your water with a little bit of lemon can do in a pinch as well.


Teas, especially light teas, are also an exceptional alternative to soda–especially for the caffeine addicted among us. When consumed with very little sweetener, tea can actually be a healthy overall experience. However, light teas are best because dark teas can stain and also tend to be harsher on the stomach.

Diet Soda

Finally, if you just can’t kick the soda binge, at least switch to diet soda. While the carbonation will still have some ill effects on your teeth and stomach lining, the lack of sugar and calories will make an immense difference in your overall health. Liquid calories are some of the worst possible calories for your body, as they don’t make you feel full.
Getting rid of any bad habit isn’t easy, but with time, dedication and a suitable soda replacement you can be on the way to a healthier body and mind.

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