4 Great Free Android Apps for Managing Your Health

Obesity levels are at an all-time high. Although the American hospitals excel in research and treating patients for health problems, the American healthcare system does not excel at preventative health. As a country, Americans would rather eat fast food, neglect exercise and suffer the consequences later. New initiatives in America are trying to address this issue.

Many people are so adverse to a new lifestyle they need help. Applications have been developed to assist with this endeavor. Android, in particular, has numerous applications available for managing the health. These applications can help to monitor weight loss or the manage women’s health. Here are four great applications to help with your journey to healthy living:

1. Cardio Trainer

Price: FREE

WorkSmart is an application designed to help people lose weight. The innovative application features a GPS tracking system. This application features a pedometer to count the steps of the user, and it will also help them record their progress on their workout route. The application will also allow users to compare themselves to other users around the world. This is particularly useful for people that are trying to push their fitness levels to new heights. The music player will allow users to listen to music while participating in their workouts.

2. Calorie Counter

Price: FREE

FatSecret’s Calorie Counter is a massive database of foods in the grocery store, restaurant and other locations. The application allows users to scan barcodes with the phone’s camera. Information about the scanned item will appear in the phone with all of the caloric intake information listed. Daily, the CalorieCounter’s diary can be used to record meals.

3. MyDays

Price: FREE

MyDays is recommended for every woman to track her most recent period or upcoming periods. High fertility days can be mapped out on a calendar. The days are color-coded so they can be identified easily. The application can help women determine when to take the birth control pill or determine the best days to have sex to either get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant. MyDays is an excellent application that can be highly beneficial to women as they plan for events and pregnancy.

4. First Aid Assist Ad

Price: FREE

The British Red Cross reviewed this application and found that it was beneficial in helping people with basic first aid responses. Over 40 first aid procedures are featured in this application. The procedures are divided into the six different categories. The categories consisted of CPR, first aid procedures, the scene of the accident and collapsed casualty. The application is designed to save lives. It is easy to use in a crisis situation.

Android Apps for Managing Health

Android apps can be particularly useful in managing health. Consider how Android apps can enhance your life and lead you on the road to recovery. Peruse the Android apps store for additional apps to manage health.

Carla Hill is a medical transcriptionist and guest author at Health Information Management, a site with guides and resources to help those who with to pursue a career in health information management review top-rated health information management programs.

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