3 Cheats To Give You A Great Body Before You Go On Vacation

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When there is only a few weeks until your vacation you need to put in a lot more time in the gym. It usually doesn’t work that way. You wait until the last minute and by then it’s too late. No longer are you able to walk shirtless along the beach, proudly showing off your new body. Now you can’t get a suntan because you’re afraid someone might point and laugh at you. The holiday turns into a big waste of time and you can’t wait to get home. It happens to more than just you. 

It doesn’t need to be hard getting the body you want. You don’t even need to start planning a year in advance. There are certain trick of the trade as you might call them. Cheats that will give you a great body in a short amount of time. But you better believe that it takes hard work and determination. Even if you start training a month before you go it will need you to put in 100%. One months isn’t bad, right? Well here’s what you need to do for that killer holiday body. 

Drink liquid food 

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You can purchase some special supplements that will give your body all the essential nutrients it needs while supplying your body with enough energy to survive. You will probably feel fatigued. At least for the first few days. But the difference it will make to your physique is absolutely tremendous. You will look like a new person after a month. If you want you could just do this a few weeks before you go. Your body will lose all the water it’s holding onto and you’ll be ripped. 

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Walk everywhere 


Walking might not be your idea of fun, but it’s amazing at helping you lose weight. You are not a marathon runner so it’s not like you can go running all day. But you can walk everywhere you go. If you have to drive to work because it’s too far you can just park further away from the building and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. And take the dog for a log walk every night. If you don’t have a dog you’ll just have to go by yourself, but think of the beach. 

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Go to the gym often 


It’s down to less than 30 days. It means you only need one final push to go to the gym. Anyone can get stuck in for 30 days, right? If you do it will mean the difference between six-pack and fat-pack. Since you won’t be eating much food you don’t want to be lifting too heavy. This is just to prevent an accident. But you can still lift lighter weights and just do more reps. Hundreds of them. Try and burn yourself out. You can go to sleep when you get home so just try your absolute hardest to break a sweat. It’s going to be well worth it in the end.

This guest post is written by fitness expert Mrs. Mary Byron. She has authored many posts about weight loss and muscle building. She recommends cycling for weight loss and recommeneds her audience to use specific cycling accessories to make their ride more enjoyable.

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